421859_10152611774215507_282780077_nTrish is a lover of all sports, travelling the world, wine, craft beer, and good food – all things she loves to share through storytelling.

She has a varied background in communications and has worked in graphic design, journalism, public relations, marketing, retail, and event coordination, in addition to the diners, cafés, hotels, and airports of her youth spent on the Central Coast of British Columbia.

Hailing from Bella Coola, Trish has always approached life with an appreciation for the little things.  La Bona Vivo is a celebration of the good life – as its Esperanto name would suggest – good food, good drinks, good design, good people and places – all the little things that make life wonderful.

Trish is currently located in Vancouver, BC, and is excited to share not only her adventures abroad, but also her favourite things about her adopted home.

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