Where to Eat in Sayulita

Best Smoothies


The best way to kick start your day in Sayulita regardless of how you’ll be spending it, is undoubtedly with a high-energy concoction from Orangy. Orangy Smoothy, a sweet little juice bar on Jose Mariscal, the “food court” street that runs behind the plaza back towards the bridge, is one of our faves for great vegetable or fruit smoothies, juices, shakes, protein balls and other healthy mixes of fruits and vegetables. Along with the blended beverages, assorted available extras listed on a wall menu provide a jolt of protein, cleansing, or whatever your body needs or desires.


Orangy Smoothy is the labor of love for a trio of young Sayulita people, whose back story is, like that of so many Sayulitans, a serendipitous one. Daniela Gibbs, from Toluca, near Mexico City, met Paul Gibbs, from the UK, while traveling in England. Paul was working in a juice bar there, but he wanted to get away from the booze that fuels Britain. They fell for each other, and eventually ended up back in Mexico, in Puerto Vallarta, where Daniela’s father works as a soccer coach at a local private school. Paul is also a musician, and one day, he got a gig at a bar in Sayulita. They came up, decided that “Sayulita had a really healthy vibe,” and soon moved to town and opened Orangy Smoothy in August of 2011. The third partner, Mitch Carr, is an Aussie who was passing through, sleeping on the beach, he says, and eventually met up with Paul and Daniela, and joined the Smoothy crew.

A smoothy from Orangy is a great way to start your day, or end it, or give yourself a jumpstart in the sleepy hours of the afternoon. Open daily from 9 am – 5pm.

I would highly recommend the bliss balls and the loaded Surfer’s Breakfast smoothie.

Best Snacks


Horchata, jamaica, fruit popsicles, helado… Nothing beats Wa Kika for a Sayulita cool-down snack.  Head to the Wa Kika in the centre of town all afternoon/evening to talk with the friendliest people in town and get yourself set up. The fruit bars can sometimes be bought without sugar, so if you’re so inclined, don’t forget to ask, as the treats can be a bit on the sweet side.



Best Torta


When they’ve got bread, which I wasn’t anticipating being an issue, but sort of was at one point, el Metro’s tortas are some of the best I’ve ever had.  When they don’t have bread, which happens, they have some pretty good chapatas too!  The staff have a great sense of humour and are well equipped with friendly smiles and one-liners.

Personal favourite is the chorizo torta, and the manzana & brie chapata.

Best Tacos


El Itacate takes an unconventional spin on their tacos, with a creative array of vegetarian options to complement their surf and turf menu.



Best Burrito


Head over to Burrito Revolution, make your carnitas a super to get some avocado in there, and just try and finish it.


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