Vancouver Hawkers Market

Last night was a perfect example of the notion that the things you don’t really plan for are often the most enjoyable.  I was very lucky to have a friend who needed a +1 to the Vancouver Hawker’s Market 1 year anniversary, and I was very happy to step up to the challenge of sampling some of the amazing local food in Vancouver.

The good folks from o5 Rare Tea Bar had a keg set up for samples of their kombucha.  As a sucker for all things tea and kombucha, obviously I was in love with that.  I have to be honest and admit I’ve never stepped foot into 05, purely out of intimidation (if you’ve walked past, I hope you know what I mean), but I do plan on changing that in the very near future.

I was partially there on a mission.  It was a very good friend of mine’s housewarming later that evening, and I knew I would find something special for him there.  Or at least I hoped I would. I was on the hunt for some artisanal olive oil or something to that effect, when we stumbled across OMG Original Mexican Gourmet by Ceiba Gourmet.   I am a full on sucker for cajeta, and thanks to the preview hour, I actually had time to speak with Rossana about her food.

When we say rum, we mean rum! We put about 40 litres of Bacardi in every batch of our rum cajeta. – Rossana Ascencio, Cooking Genius

I wound up buying a sampler pack for my friend, but also couldn’t resist buying a jar of vanilla for myself.  Too much of a good thing is a good thing, right?

All in all, a good way to spend a Saturday evening in Vancouver!

Rossana Ascencio’s table full of cajeta goodness.
East Van Studios dressed up all carnival style.
Amazing pasta made of quinoa for the G-Free peeps.
Vancouver Hawkers Market’s 1 Year Anniversary.
The preview hour for Yelp people made actually sampling things a little more possible.
33 Acres providing beer samples.
“Some Like it Hot” from Reel Mac & Cheese

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