Great(er) Vancouverite: Moiez Babar


With over 20,000 facebook fans and nearly 5,000 followers on Soundcloud, it’s a little surprising that he’s relatively unknown in Vancouver thus far, but Surrey local Moiez is making waves in the world of dance music. I met with Moiez recently to chat about his views on Vancouver’s electronic music scene and his growth as a DJ.

As a Lower Mainland local, it may seem odd that Moiez’s growing fan base is located in Chicago. His agent is located there and in the last month he’s been booked for clubs in New York. He attributes this to Vancouver’s lack of a real dance music scene.  After we spoke, I thought more about that assertion, and it made more and more sense. I have to add though, that Vancouver also doesn’t get behind its locals, especially DJs, until someone else does. Until they’re big elsewhere, you’d be hard-pressed to find a fan in their home city.

This spring, Moiez rocked the main stage at spring awakening, and grew his fan base playing clubs in Chicago, where there’s a history for dance music.

Where the states are willing to bring up unknown acts, in Vancouver, dance music is still growing.   Promo groups need to give young guys with talent a chance.

Groups like Twisted and Homegrown Vancouver are doing just that, pushing for local talent, and if you want to catch awesome up and coming acts like Moiez in Vancouver, that’s who you’re going to have to watch.

You can catch Moiez tonight, Saturday August 10th at Club 560.



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