Great(er) Vancouverite: Zain Saraswati Jamal

Public Myth Yoga 0970 I first met Zain Saraswati Jamal at Vancouver’s first Ladies Who Lunch event where she opened the event with a brief talk and led a meditation session.  I was instantly keen to learn more about her story, and think that she’s a fantastic way to start a series here on La Bona Vivo profiling Great(er) Vancouverites.

Vancouver is obviously riddled with yogis and holistic health nuts, but Zain is different in her drive, entrepreneurial spirit and innate ability to teach.

Zain was born in North Vancouver and after wandering the world for a while, is now a Vancouver-based coach, yogini, wholefood alchemist, and spiritual gangster.  While living in London, Zain worked in property development and luxury goods marketing and was undeniably successful, however she found herself being dishonest with her spirit, working in such a highly materialistic and finance-focused industry.

It was when she found herself living with an eating disorder that Zain found her calling in coaching.  5-6 years into her recovery, Zain has a flourishing business coaching predominantly women with body/spirit/confidence issues to find and acknowledge their inner wisdom as well as practicing yoga, nutrition and meal planning.


In addition to her coaching, Zain also leads workshops and has various partnerships throughout the city.  She is DavidsTea’s official recipe creator, works as an ambassador for Shine On in local high schools, and is a contributor to Sun Warrior and their Warrior Way.

Zain’s vision is bright and varied.  As she focuses on coaching women and developing more curriculum, she is aiming high to be helping people in more traditional media, and planning on teaching more yoga (she specializes in kundalini) throughout the city and internationally.  With dreams of opening centres and helping more people, Zain is focusing on fulfilling her capacity to help.

zain running

You can find Zain speaking at Ladies Who Lunch events this summer, as well as her recipes and health tips on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.


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