The Distillery Gone Vintage with Deenie & the Sweets

Thursday night at the Distillery felt like a wonderful prohibition style time warp.  With a room full of beautiful people wearing everything from fedoras and vests to sequins and satins, and some patrons who I think may have legitimately been mafioso (at least in a former life), the Distillery was a gateway to the 1920’s.  I’m sure in some corner, someone was making someone else an offer that they couldn’t refuse.

Donna B of Deenie & the Sweets

Taking a seat at the bar, I had the opportunity to meet the Distillery’s new Head Barman, Matt van Dinther.  Hailing from Victoria, Matt paid his dues across the pond in London town, and is currently crafting a new menu.  Always excited to try new drinks, we sampled some of the cocktails in the works, and I will certainly be returning when the full new menu has been released.

In addition to the fantastic drink menu, Paulie’s Kitchen serves up great Italian American fare with the likes of pasta, flatbread, meatballs and my personal favourite, the risotto fritters.  With a good simple food menu that complemented the drink menu nicely, I can certainly promise that I’ll be headed back there when they release the new drink menu.

Lovely songstress Donna B and myself share a love of sequins.

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