Pizzeria Barbarella

I recently celebrated my birthday as I usually do – surrounded by lovely people and amazing food.  For my actual birthday dinner though, we took it over to Pizzeria Barbarella at Broadway and Fraser.  This new-ish Mt. Pleasant pizzeria exceeded all of my expectations and is certainly in my top 3 favourite pizza places in Vancouver.

The décor is that semi-industrial modern style with a touch of wood that I love so much and is a growing Vancouver favourite.  The walls are lined with old black and white family photographs that make me think of my own grandmother’s photo album full of dapper suits, fedoras, and remnants of the motherland.


We had the antipasto, which was a perfect appetizer with just the right amount of meats, cheese, and bread to not spoil our appetites before our main dishes.  We had the cavolini (fior di latte, aged mozzarella, fresh garlic, brussels sprout leaves, house cured and smoked pancetta, sea salt, parmigiano reggiano and extra virgin olive oil for $14) and the fuoco (tomato, fior di latte, aged mozzarella, hot capocollo, fresh jalapenos, parmigiano reggiano and extra virgin olive oil for $16).

The crusts were done perfectly and incredibly thin.  I favoured the fuoco as a lover of all things spicy and meaty, but the cavolini was in no way a disappointment.  The flavours of the brussels sprout leaves and the pancetta melded together seamlessly and made for a fantastic combination that I would likely never have considered myself.

The desserts are decided daily however I managed to catch the day that they didn’t have any at all!  Just my (birthday) luck!  But I was honestly so full in such a satisfied way that I can’t even imagine having any room for dessert.

The wine list is simple and quite good, and true to Italian style offers Lambrusco!   Their craft beer bottle selection was quite good and I chose the saison they had on hand.

All in all, I’d go back in a heartbeat.  The prices were certainly reasonable, and I know when my pizza dough has been beaten.  Plus it’s always fun watching them toss the dough and put it in the massive oven that is very visible throughout the restaurant.

Pizzeria Barbarella – 645 East Broadway


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