Pizzeria Barbarella

I recently celebrated my birthday as I usually do – surrounded by lovely people and amazing food.  For my actual birthday dinner though, we took it over to Pizzeria Barbarella at Broadway and Fraser.  This new-ish Mt. Pleasant pizzeria exceeded all of my expectations and is certainly in my top 3 favourite pizza places in Vancouver. The décor is that semi-industrial modern style with a … Continue reading Pizzeria Barbarella

Baked Zucchini and Wild Mushroom Risotto

This sunshine in Vancouver has been absolutely amazing, but the particularly gusty wind is reminding me that it’s only just the first day of May, and still “spring” by all definitions.  The sunshine has had me craving light spring pastas, while the wind has me wanting to run back to my hearty winter meals.  I found a compromise as I took a page out of Gordon Ramsay‘s wonderful Healthy … Continue reading Baked Zucchini and Wild Mushroom Risotto