Seeing Red (Jeans)

Red Pants Vogue

Vogue’s Phoebe de Croisset for Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl

As a major colour-lover, it really should come as no surprise that I love a coloured jean.  In my mind for some reason, there has always been a very direct association for me between the terms red pants and Norwegian guys.

Ever since I was last in Norway (2008 – way too long ago), I noticed quite frequently that the fellas just have a thing for the red pants.  All of my male friends from Bergen and Oslo and my cousins from the Nordlands, all of them, sported the red pants on the regular.

No longer just for Norwegian menfolk, I am loving the skinny red jeans for the ladies, with a blazer, graphic tee, a little leopard, or just my go-to, a lot of black.  Here are some of my favourite red jean outfits, none of which being rocked by Norwegian men (sorry).


Discovering Elegance


red plants red bag


red pants

red pants stockholm street style


red pants grey sweater


red pants white blazer





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