Emerald Dreams

I am a staunch believer in the beauty of emerald green. When Pantone announced the colour as the 2013 colour of the year, I got a bit excited.  Not only is my birth stone emerald, but my saint’s/name day happens to fall on March 17th, a day where there is social pressure to wear green.  This all signaled to me, of course, that 2013 was obviously going to be my year – and though it hasn’t come through with any luck for me yet, I’m holding onto my emerald dreams of 2013 grandeur.

Unsurprisingly, I have always had at least a few key emerald pieces in my wardrobe (ie. my go-to blouse), and I don’t quite understand why it hasn’t been so common until now.  Emerald legitimately flatters every person, every skin tone and every body type.  It’s a bright pop of colour on the nails and accessories of colour-phobes everywhere, and at its best brightest, it’s still professional and clean cut enough for any office.

My favourite way to wear this jewel tone is with darker skinny jeans or leggings, a bit of black, and a pop of flirty and feminine pink.  Below are two outfit ideas for your every day green with a balance of lovely and edgy, and a lot of emerald inspiration.Emeraldoutfit2






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