Double You Wine Bar

W2We stumbled upon Double You Wine Bar (Double You Borbár) in the Gozsdu Courtyard, deciding that there had been so much in Pest VII near Spíler that looked interesting, it would be worth it to make our way back there to avoid the tourist pricing of downtown Pest V.

Double You is a great spot to sample Magyar and international wines and have a delicious bite to compliment it.  The charcuterie platter was delicious, as were their paninis.  Simple, yet strong tastes to savour, with very little to worry about in the way of prices.  I can easily say that if there was a Double You in Vancouver, with this pricing, I might potentially never leave.  At the very least, I would be a constant patron.

The service was incredible as the manager and servers taught us about Magyar wines and we drank purely on their recommendations while each glass was better than the last.

Double You also hosts live music on the patio, which was a treat, and I could see it being a very cool venue to rent for a variety of events.  The atmosphere was very relaxed in that ruin café way that Budapest seems to have down to an art.  It almost feels like a hipster spot, except that it isn’t so contrived and there are no hipsters (which my also be a Budapest thing).

If you’re in Budapest for any reason and you are a fan of wine and deliciousness, a stop at Double You is most certainly in order.  I would be very surprised if you found yourself disappointed in any way.




W1  W3

Double You Borbár
1075 Budapest,
Madách Imre út 13.
+36 30 750 8807


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